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OBSSSSD Clay Lube 5gal.
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OBSSSSD™ Clay Lube has been engineered to provide exceptional surface lubrication for all grades of detailing clay. It provides the necessary lubrication for detailing clay to decontaminate paintwork, glass, metal, and chrome surfaces. OBSSSSD™ Clay Lube reduces the potential for surface marring from dirty clay and prevents smudges from soft clay formulas.

This product is ECO Friendly, Bio-degradable, and VOC compliant. 



Note: Do not use detailing clay on a dirty surface. Thoroughly wash your vehicle prior to claying. Always test and inspect areas to ensure that you are not introducing additional damage to paint finish.


  1. Flatten a workable piece of detailing clay into a disc or puck approximately 2-3” in diameter. 
  2. Liberally apply OBSSSSD™ Clay Lube to both the clay disc and the working area.
  3. Gently rub the detailing clay on the surface of the car with back-and-forth motions. Work in small sections until contamination has been removed.
  4. Fold and re-flatten the clay frequently to expose a fresh cleaning surface.
  5. Frequently re-apply OBSSSSD™ Clay Lube to maintain lubrication.
  6. Discard clay if dropped on the floor or when a clean surface can no longer be exposed. 

18.9L / 5gal

BONUS: We even ensured that the bucket that it ships in is our top grade 90mil premium bucket that we sell, so you can use it afterwards for detailing!

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