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Optimum Power Clean
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Dilute to suit any detailing job!

 Optimum Power Clean is an all purpose cleaner that safely cleans your vehicle’s dirtiest surfaces. Remove bugs, brake dust, and oily grime when using Power Clean full strength. Dilute it to clean leather, vinyl, and plastics. Optimum Power Clean is an environmentally friendly, safe cleaner that will leave your vehicle spotless!

Optimum Power Clean packs a powerful punch, yet it’s gentle when it needs to be. Clean everything from the engine and wheels to the leather and dashboard with one product! Optimum Power Clean can even be used on the paint to dissolve bugs and stubborn contaminants. For many jobs, you can simply spray it on and wipe it off.

Use full strength, Optimum Power Clean cleans and degreases the engine compartment, cleans tires, wheels, and wheel wells. This sophisticated formula dissolves bugs and powers through brake dust and oil to clean your vehicle’s dirtiest parts.

Dilute Power Clean up to 3:1 to safely clean leather, vinyl, paint, and plastics. Remove old dash dressings and tough residues from interior panels. Wipe away spills and spots from leather seats. Special polymers and emulsifiers break down contaminants with minimal agitation.


To clean wheels and tires, Optimum Power Clean can be used at full strength or diluted up to 3:1. Agitate as needed and rinse off. For use on painted surfaces, dilute at 3:1 for best results. Spray on, agitate lightly and rinse. To clean interior panels, dilute at 3:1. Spray on, agitate, and wipe off. For leather, vinyl, or the dashboard, dilute at 3:1. Spray on and wipe off. For tougher grime and stains use at full strength.


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