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Why Use TireCradles

Any vehicle with high performance or low profile tires which stay stationary for extended periods of time may develop temporary or permanent flat spots in the tire compound. When a permanent flat spot develops, often the only solution is to replace the tire. TireCradles have been scientifically proven to prevent flat-spotting.

So what are TireCradles?

TireCradles are patented supports designed to prevent tires from flat-spotting when used on vehicles that remain stationary for extended periods of time. TireCradles are not curved; instead they allow the tire to retain its natural form. They are insulated with memory cells and specialized polymers which allow each TireCradle to conform and support each tire’s unique shape, insulate the tread from temperature changes on the contact patch, and prevent flat spotting from occurring.

Bentley conducted a series of independent tests comparing TireCradles with competing products and the genuine TireCradles proved to be the most effective. In fact they proved so to such an extent that Bentley dealers and service centers use TireCradles.

The TireCradles design has undergone extensive testing by labs that set the standard for the automotive tire industry. More details and the results of the testing can be found here.
TireCradles are also supported by a lifetime warranty.

  • TireCradles had to be proven effective in order to be granted a patent.
  • Their patented design that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • They have been independently tested by Bentley Motors and were chosen to be most effective versus other similar flat-spot preventing devices.
  • TireCradles insulate the rubber compounds in your tire to protect them from temperature variances on the contact patch.
  • Supported by a lifetime manufacturer warranty versus the 90 day warranty on competing products.
  • Easy to park on.
  • Conforms to the natural shape of the tire instead of an artificial curve like competing products.
  • Accepts vehicle weights up to 10,000 lbs.
  • Fits tread width from 4 to 14 inches
  • TireCradles were tested by STL and are proven to prevent tire flat spots.
Included: one set of 4 TireCradles.

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